Push/Pull Factory

My Github Game-Off 2012 Entry


Boxes will appear in the three hatches. Pull a box toward your area to collect it. Push a box toward your enemy to give it to him.

There is a list of three resources (lithium, plutonium and uranium) in the upper corner or your area. That is your current order. As soon as you fulfill the order you will be paid and the next order in your order queue (the three things in the lower corner of your area) will be selected. Then, a new order will be added to the bottom of your queue. If you fulfill the order with too many of any one resource, your pay will be docked!

If you want to choose a different order move backward until you see a thick border appear around an order. Then, you can press your up or down key to choose a new one. To confirm the order and get back into the game, press your forward key. If you have the proper resources, your selected order will be instantly fulfilled!

The robot with the most cash at the end wins!


Go get a friend. 2 players, 1 keyboard.

Left player controls with the W, A, S and D keys. Right player controls with arrow keys.